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Carbon tax and other financial carbon mitigation strategies

Reintroduce carbon taxes. Its a no brainer.

In combination with other pollution and waste taxes.

What do we do with the money generated? Two possibilities. A proportion of it will be used for direct investment in carbon mitigation schemes. However the largest proportion should be paid back to people of tax paying age as lump sum cheques - with everyone getting the same amount regardless of their income or the amount of carbon they generated. The poor will get the same as the rich. This will compensate for their additional costs from the carbon tax and make it more attractive to the people - though perhaps not the rich. Being a flat lump sum it will not give more money to the rich who probably generated more atmospheric carbon than the poor.

And also introduce a carbon credits system, to be able to pay new industries that undertake carbon sequestration, such as biochar and direct air carbon capture and storage (DACCS) or biological energy carbon capture and storage (BECCS).

And also regulation of carbon polluting industries to guarantee reductions in carbon in a systematic way on a required timetable. To ensure that the less definite carbon reductions due to carbon taxes are actually achieved in a timely manner.

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