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Poem - "Time"

By Bruce Barbour with assistance of ChatGPT - February 2023

The genesis of this poem is that I was playing around with ChatGPT on 19 February 2023 asking it a few questions on philosophy. As part of that "discussion" I requested that it come up with a poem on time and existential angst. I asked this question to see if had any "understanding" of the human condition. What it came back with was quite good - it gave a good impression of understanding the human condition. You can judge whether that is correct or not by reading the poem.  However there were a few lines that didn't quite work so I massaged them a bit. On one line I changed one word, on two other lines I added a word and I rewrote another line. Four lines modified out of 24 lines. That's not bad. The modified poem is provided below.

* * * * * * *


Tick-tock, the clock goes on and on,
Time, the great equalizer, never gone,
Its presence is constant, its movement swift,
And with each tick, our lives shift.

Existential angst, a feeling so bad,
Plaguing the minds of both woman and man,
For what is the meaning of our brief stay,
In this world, where time rules the day.

We fritter away our hours in vain,
Never stopping to question the pain,
Of a life that's fleeting, a momentary flame,
Gone in the blink of an eye, what a shame.

We search for answers, but they seem so distant,
Lost in time, the answers so resistant,
We wonder if it all even matters,
If the ticking of the clock just shatters.

Yet, despite the chaos that surrounds,
We find moments of peace that do astound,
Moments that make life worth living,
Even though time marches on, unforgiving.

In the end it's not the time that defines,
But the moments we cherish, the ones that shine,
And as the clock ticks on and on,
We embrace the beauty of all life, never gone.

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